Monday, April 17, 2017

Written By: Haley Fuller

Who uses Facebook?

According to Facebook Newsroom, Facebook has 1.23 billion active users around the globe. New users are constantly signing up to add fresh faces and minds to the mix. This means that your business can reach an ever-evolving international market, anywhere, at any time – that is a lot of interaction!

Speaking on a smaller national scale, Statista says that Facebook reaches 196.5 million users in the US alone. Facebook allows these people to be filtered by location, gender, age, hobbies, affiliation, etc. to help narrow down potential customers. Facebook users represent the entire consumer audience with the capability to strategically pinpoint a target audience interested in your company’s products and services. Statistically speaking, your customers are on there somewhere!

User Statistics

The average Facebook user spends 50 minutes on the site per day, according to the New York Times. These 50 minutes are the user’s break from the rest of the world. This has created an opportunity for you to reach them without bothering them, as much as you would by dropping by their office for example. The result, a more friend to friend approach when it comes to marketing your business.

The average Facebook user has 338 friends according to Big Think. Meaning, for every like, share and comment one person may send your way; there are hundreds of people behind them that are likely to get in on the action. Facebook has made word-of-mouth an effortless process, one click by a user and they have recommended you to al kinds of people. Unlike Twitter, Facebook was built around keeping friends together, by linking users with people they actually know. Twitter is more casual, and is based on acquaintance like relationships.

Facebook for the Future

Facebook can be used as a great launch point for your new business. You may not be able to afford a custom website yet (although you will definitely want to invest in a website down the line), and Facebook gives you the opportunity to use a free social platform to build your brand, spread the word to friends and family, and ultimately reach your consumers! With more and more people joining the Facebook online community every day, the possibilities for business growth are exponential – especially for those companies in the B2C (Business to Consumer) roles.

Facebook for Business