Branding 101

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Written By: Haley Fuller

Branding – Building and Nurturing Your Business

A business’s brand, much like a reputation, is everything. It is a combination of the company’s customer service, reputation, advertising and logo. When all of these elements are in good standing for the business they are doing well, but if just one of these fails, it brings the entire operation down.


A brand is the face of a business – the logo, the color scheme, the identity of the company and the overall feeling a customer has when seeing it. The logo ad other visual elements need to match the company culture and overall theme. What does your logo say about your business? Is it an accurate representation of who the business is, and what you are trying to represent as a company?


When a customer has a good experience with your company, your brand gains credibility. Having a brand your customers can trust is essential to business growth. A polished, well-presented brand will speak to a customer, and is more likely to gain business. Does your brand create a trustworthy face for your company?

Support Advertising

Branding and advertising go hand in hand and should match the character of the company. The brand should be specific enough to represent the company, but broad enough to reach all kinds of customers. This will maximize the potential customer population, and therefore benefit the company and its well being.

Inspire Employees

Branding is like a mission statement, but it is seen far more often, especially by employees. The logo itself serves as a reminder to employees of who the company is and what they aim to achieve. This helps not only guide, but inspire employees to embody what the company stands for. Employee work will reflect what the brand means to them.

Generate New Customers

New customers will be the result of a brand in good standing. An attractive brand will generate new business by implementing trust, and representing good service and a quality product. This is why feedback form current customers is so valued to a company, as it acts as a direct review of the brand. If a brand is tarnished or receiving volumes of public negativity, you will generally see a decline in growth and sometimes result in a business closing its doors.