Today in Marketing: Big Brands Use St. Patrick’s Day Themed Advertising

We wanted to peruse the web to find and credit some great St. Patrick’s Day marketing tactics. These big brands used green and St. Patrick’s Day themed ideas to grab attention today.

  1. Walmart cleverly designed all of their images and icons for their products to have a hint of Green on their website!
    Walmart Green

  2. Google created a doodle with a jumping shamrock that highlights each letter Green to get in the spirit of the day. See it here:
  3. American Airlines created a humorous gif of people being pinched.

4. Blake Sherman reported that The Spurs are giving everyone in the stadium a green shirt!

5. LACOSTE themed their company logo around the holiday!

6. Amazon created a St. Patrick’s Day themed search on their website for items that might be of interest to people on the holiday.

View it here: