Website Upgrade

  1. The size of your business has grown. Start-ups and small companies can get away with less than 10 pages on a basic html platform. When you bring more decision-makers into the picture, and grow in product or structure, you will need to provide more information about your services. It only makes sense that the most detailed a company is, the more detailed their website will be. The website can be seen as the online entity of a company’s existence.
  2. Outdated resolution. If your site was built on a small and strict resolution size, you need to revamp it. Commonly, people are using 1366 X 768 screen resolution. The font size and images need to be updated, and the overall site content needs to fit the new width of the screens that will be portraying it. A sense of professionalism stems from “keeping up with the Jones’” and if you are not moving toward the new size, you are behind the times. Gain instant credibility by moving to a new platform with the new standard resolution.
  3. The integration of social media. Your social media should work for your website, and your website should work for your social media. The point of social media is to bring traffic back to your site, and get your customers involved. It is an immediate way to connect, and you are seriously hurting yourself if you do not have your social media present on your website. Social media is also another way to improve your SEO.
  4. Mobile usability. We have talked about mobile and responsive design a lot, but that is because we cannot reiterate it enough – You need a mobile-friendly website. Statistics prove that most browsers are using their phones to view businesses and find information. The current generation of consumers uses their phone for everything, that includes shopping and deciding on where to go to lunch. Mobile websites have changed the way the marketing and sales process works, with consumers doing their own research before working with a sales representative. If you do not have a mobile-friendly website, you should at the VERY LEAST make this change.
  5. Reporting. Does your free site allow you to add Google Analytics? Do you know what it means when 60% of customers leave your home page before moving on to another page? Upgrading your website to a content management system will allow you the accessibility to all types or tracking and reporting tools. Get to know what is going on with your customers.
  6. Content Management makes life easy. When you upgrade your website, you will be moving from a tool, to a fully functioning content management systems. Updates are easy and immediate. Storage issues are gone. You can add video and images to your website by yourself! Gone are the days of waiting for your developer to make those changes for you.
  7. The delivery. Maybe you started your website on the premise of your grand opening, and now you are a thriving corporation. Maybe you have acquired a business under your wing, and therefore increased or changed your products. Finally, maybe you have just rebranded and completely changed your marketing strategy. Whatever the reason, upgrading your website will allow you to design with intent and purpose.
  8. The design is outdated, too. Going beyond the resolution, if a customer comes to your website and it is not easy to read or navigate, they will move on. As I mentioned previously, your website serves are your online entity, and it should be cared for in the same way that your business location is. You do not want trash on your sidewalk or in your hallways in the same way that you do not want ugly graphics and inconsistent font styles and sizes. Your credibility and influence on your customer’s buying decision starts on your website, and it is important to make a good first impression.

Taylored Ideas would be happy to evaluate your current website and let you know what items are in need of an upgrade. Contact us for a free consultation.