As a project manager, I am always looking for ways to improve efficiency and save the money-maker of all industries, TIME. In browsing productivity seminars, I was introduced to Brian Tracy. He is a motivational speaker for personal development in the business world. This guy knows his stuff!

He has a metaphor for time management that is sweeping the nation, based on Mark Twain’s quote, “If you eat a frog first thing in the morning that will probably be the worst thing you do all day.” Brian has interpreted this in respect to time management. If you complete your most daunting task first, everything you do for the rest of the day will be that much easier.
I will admit, there is a sense of accomplishment to completing something I have been putting off for a couple of days. Especially things that are not time-sensitive and can be done at will. I’m only human. From this day forward, I’ll be eating my frog as soon as I get to work.

Here are some other things on the menu for staying productive with a case of the Mondays:

1. Take breaks. There have been several studies showing that people who work for an extended period of the time then take a short break are actually more productive than the average employee. Ironically, there is the Pomodoro Technique, named after tomato timers, which encourages 25-5 ratios of working and breaking. Frogs and Tomatoes, yum!

2. Color-code. My personal favorite. Everything has a color. Higher priority items are red, social media tasks are blue, customer emails are aqua, meetings are yellow. Microsoft Office allows me to then match those items on my written to-do list with the same colors in my calendar. I’m obsessed, but more than that, it works! You can’t manage social media, website construction, SEO, design styles, and copywriting without a system.

3. Take a browser (or monitor) vacation. Shut all of those windows! Yes, it is tempting to browse with two full screen monitors in front of you. I get it. Unfortunately, too much is “a thing”. Try turning off your second monitor while you are working on your frog or large project and time yourself. You would be surprised at how much focus you can achieve in an otherwise busy space.

4. Make a goal wall. Is there a tropical locale you have been wanting to visit? Do you want to spend more time at home with your dog? Whatever it may be, most people would say that having a visual reminder of their goals make them more attainable. Therefore, you work harder.

5. Stand up. Sales training taught me that people show more enthusiasm when they stand up to make sales calls. Align that with your enthusiasm for your job, your email, your blog, or your well-being.

Luckily, everything listed can be done from the comfort of your desk and cubicle. Now, get to work!