Pay per click is a marketing strategy that has the ability to gain you high traffic to your website. As one of the most beneficial, and used, forms of advertising pay per click, or PPC, is strictly devoted to internet marketing. With PPC, customers only pay for the amount of advertising that they receive. As the name suggests, PPC only costs if users click on your advertisement. When a company decides to start a PPC campaign, they choose a set of related keywords, when these keywords are searched on popular search engines the company’s advertisement will appear at the top of the page. Only once the advertised link has been clicked on will the company be charged. If a company is able to gain page views and new visitors to their site without anyone clicking on their page, they do not owe anything.

One of the biggest benefits associated with pay per click, in addition to being cost-efficient, is that it produces instant results for businesses. Many internet marketing campaigns take time to build up momentum. For example, search engine optimization, or SEO, takes months for specific companies to gain first page notoriety. On the opposite side of the spectrum, PPC allows for advertisers to begin a functioning online marketing campaign in minutes. If a company is looking to build traffic to their website quickly, starting a pay per click campaign is essential.

As mentioned previously PPC is cost efficient for businesses of all sizes. One feature of a PPC campaign is that PPC will only bid as high as needed for a company to gain the desired ad position. The pricing for each keyword can differ for each company and type of business. The price for the position on the site is directly related to how many competitors there are vying for that position. While running a monthly advertisement in a newspaper or local magazine costs a monthly fixed fee, the cost of PPC generally works out the be cheaper.

PPC is a marketing strategy that is available to anyone and everyone. Whether you are a small start-up company or a multi-facility company that is competing in several nations, you can benefit from a pay per click campaign. With measureable data available through PPC you are able to track your progress and view how much traffic your advertisement is generating. Whether you are looking to advertise globally or locally, pay per click is a wonderful marketing tool to implement.

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