Usability and readability, two things that are necessary in this day and age to excel in the realm of digital marketing. What are they?

Usability reflects the ability your customer has to navigate the content of your website.

Readability reflects the ease at which the customer does that.

With the website still claiming the spot as the hub of digital marketing efforts, businesses should really take the time to think about their user’s experience. What would a customer naturally click on first? And, why? Yes, you want your website to be visually attractive, but keep in mind that the customer’s intentions in visiting your site is not to admire art. They want readily available information, quickly.

1. Practical layout. A website’s design should be practical enough to drive someone’s actions to their end result. If you are a real estate company, it is likely that a customer is visiting your site to look at available properties. Therefore, you should have your listings accessible from the top of the home page. If you own a small shop and your website gets a lot of traffic, it is probably because people are looking for directions. Put a map on your home page. Design with your customer in mind.

2. Easy navigation. Further than layout, providing simple navigation is essential to a great design. Your menu bar should have relevant words that people are looking for, despite the creative play on words you came up with while day-dreaming. Customers who can’t find what they are looking for will click out of a website and go back to a google search within seconds. I do this all the time on my phone, and not just because I work in the industry.

3. Optimized for mobile. Speaking of phones, there have been several studies suggesting that over 60% of browsing is now done via a mobile phone or tablet. Responsive website design has become increasingly popular, but even a standard website can be made to fit a mobile browser. If your desktop website has tons of graphics and images, the mobile layout is going to try to fit that in a smaller space. There is a happy medium to site content, so think of your favorite mobile experience. Was it a pizza place who took you straight to a delivery option? Was the address clickable and sent to your phone’s map? Ideally, your mobile layout will have the customer’s information on the home page, before having to scroll down.

Combining these three items with a creative brand will do wonders for your image and website traffic. I can’t give away all of our secrets. Work with your developer today to enhance your web presence, or contact Taylored Ideas for an evaluation!