If it seems as though Google’s zoo is getting a bit crowded, you could be right. In 2013, we saw the release of Penguin and Panda as well as Hummingbird. Overall, Google has made major strides toward fighting spam. If you’re looking to get your site noticed, the algorithm changes introduced by Google have certainly shifted the playing field. In looking ahead, the most important thing to know about SEO marketing is Google’s desire to make search more conversational. From the very beginning, this has been Google’s sole desire, to deliver results that are more personalized and relevant.


The need to develop an online presence has never been more important for businesses in all industries. At the same time, the landscape has become increasingly competitive. The potential to create a name for your company with a successful web marketing initiative is tremendous. Unfortunately, relying on gray hat SEO tactics simply is not enough. Instead, it is important to now utilize more robust SEO marketing techniques with a focus on conversational search. For instance, instead of assuming that people are searching for “buy patio furniture cheap,” the focus should now be on “Where can I buy cheap patio furniture?”


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