The recent and rather unexpected Google Page Rank update that came out in December sent most of the SEO world into a tailspin. Reputed to be the strictest update to date, many people saw their sites rapidly drop in rank while many relatively new blogs managed to climb up to highly coveted spots.

Naturally, many people are now wondering what Google has up its sleeve for the coming year. Google actually tweaks its algorithm multiple times throughout the year. If you are wondering how to prepare for the next page rank update, it is important to focus on a few SEO marketing basics. Begin by focusing on backlinks. As you are probably already aware, natural backlinks are crucial when it comes to achieving a high page rank with Google. Consequently, this should be at the top of your list for getting your site at the top of search engine results and keeping it there. In addition, it is important to focus your site on attracting diversified traffic. If you are not already investing in strong social media SEO techniques, now is the time to do so in order to build traffic. In fact, social media marketing can have a tremendous impact on your Google Page Rank.

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