When you are working on spreading the word about a company online, you are marketing their image. One of the most important factors when dealing with a company’s image online to take into account is search engine marketing. Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a term often heard, but what exactly is it? To put it in simple terms, search engine marketing refers to the process of marketing a company’s website through Internet search engines. Some examples of SEM are Search Engine Optimization, pay per click and click through rates.

Search engines are a great way to filter through all of the information that the internet provides us with. Search engines group relevant online results together for the benefit of the user. According to studies, most Internet users stay on the first page of their search results, which makes appearing at the top of search engine results incredibly important for growing companies. When the Internet and SEM began making waves, Search Engine Operators recognized the competitiveness that was associated with search engines and quickly realized that companies would be willing to pay premiums to have their pages show up first. Some of today’s most popular search engines such as Yahoo and Google began to sell advertisement spaces on their search pages, which lead to sponsored ads and links, which we still see on WebPages today.

One of the main components of search engine marketing is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website for natural or organic search engine listings. SEO is the most cost-effective function of Search Engine Marketing.
When a company is first starting out and is looking to make waves through Search Engine Marketing they must keep in mind that profitable results do take time. When starting out, traffic from search optimization is slow, but will eventually grow. The beginning months of a company are a great time to invest in paid search placements such as advertisements, to keep traffic flowing to your business.

As time progresses important aspects to keep in mind when working to spread word of your company is the information that you provide online. It is important to provide high quality content, title tags for your website, images, and internal linking to your social media platforms. These aspects allow users to connect with your company in multiple ways.

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