What is the biggest and most common SEO mistake made by many businesses?

You might be surprised to discover that it’s not having a website at all. As simple as it may seem, many businesses still do not have a web presence. The main goal of SEO is to have everything in order to give your website and business the online visibility possible. The basic premise is that the more exposure you have online, the more sales you will have.

In reality, if you do not have a website, your business is invisible on the web. One of the most common reasons that many business owners give for not having a web presence is that they do not sell items online. Even if you do not actually sell products or services online, it’s still a good idea to have a web presence. An increasing number of people today now search for businesses online before they make a decision to use that business. This is true even when consumers are searching for local businesses. If you do not have a website, consumers will not be able to find you. The truth of the matter is that you could have the best business out there and sell the highest quality products and services, but if consumers can’t find you online, your business will suffer.

Small businesses actually have the most to gain by developing a web presence. This is because SEO marketing makes it possible for small businesses to gain an equal footing online and compete against even larger, more well-known companies.

The importance of a web presence has become even more relevant in light of the effect that Millennials are having on search engine optimization. Millennials, those consumers born since 1980, are now being used as a gauge for marketing purposes much in the same way as Baby Boomers. Consider the following statistics:

• The purchasing power of this age group is estimate to be approximately $170 billion annually.

• 60 percent of Millennials prefer to have a tablet or smartphone to research products or services.

• 50 percent of Millennials use their smartphones to research services or products while they are shopping.

• 45 percent of Millennials spend at least one hour daily viewing retail-oriented websites.

As you can see, if you wish to tap into the tremendous market share of Millennial consumers, you must have a web presence. Keep in mind that while a social presence is also important, it is not a substitute for a good website design . If you do not have a website and have not put basic SEO building blocks into place, it will be much harder for consumers to find you, even if you are active on social sites.

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