Creating intriguing and shareable content can be challenging, but here are 10 ways to help improve your content and get more interaction from your audience.

  1. First, hats off to the BuzzSumo creator. It is a content marketing gold mine. BuzzSumo lets you search what content is performing the best for any topic. When you are stuck in a rut, it is a useful tool to help you come up with creative content ideas.
  2. Reposting well-performing content is not an innovation, but what about reposting as a slideshow? Take your most popular posts and put them together so that they scroll. Post it on social media or as a light blog.
  3. Add share links to your blog. Sharing content across platforms is only useful if you do it! Many social media platforms offer embed codes to add a share link.
  4. Think of content in terms of public relations. Write something worth publishing, and then contact a local company to mention it. The more you consider what people want to hear, the easier it is to come up with new content marketing ideas.
  5. Highlight an “of the week”. If you are selling a product, you can do a giveaway of the week. If you are in a social setting, you can ask a Question of the Week, or post the Laugh of the Week. Keep them coming back for more, next week.
  6. Check current events. Sometimes, content marketing falls into your lap when there is an industry specific news story circling the web.
  1. Add a pop-up email opt-in to your website or landing page to run some tests on the response rate.
  2. Take a look at your referrals in Google Analytics. What type of industry or content brought them to your site? Use the referrals as guidance when structuring or creating your content.
  3. Take a survey of people in your field such as leaders or customers. Report on your findings in an interesting blog post.
  4. Write a Book Review of interest to your audience. You know those things from high school? Put it to use in your content marketing strategy.