Paid ads are an important part of any digital marketing strategy. It is a way of driving people to your website by paying an amount for every click on your ads. Paid search ads are a great option for small businesses and startups to enhance their competitive results in a short span of time or to retarget the audience.

What Are PPC Ad Extensions?

A PPC ad extension is additional information that you can display with your text ads on Google. PPC ad extensions help your ads to stand out in the digital competition, improve your click-through rate, and make it easier for people to find you. The ad extension can help you highlight specific features, pages, USPs, location &/or contact number to help in conversions.

Why Do You Need PPC Ad Extensions?

When you are setting up an ad for your business, ad platforms do have a limit on the headline and description text. This would restrict the effectiveness of conveying the message. To overcome this, Ad platforms like Google have introduced ad extensions to convey your additional information in a creative way. The display of the ad extension makes it stand out from the main ad. This improves the CTR as the user gets more information like certain offers, pages, contact numbers, USPs, etc.  The more information you provide in your ads, the easier it is for searchers to make up their minds about clicking and moving further down the conversion funnel. Thus, making your click-through rate (CTR) better. Guidance from the experts in PPC Advertising Company Near You can help a lot in this journey.

Types of PPC Ad Extensions


1. Sitelink Extensions 

Example Of Sitelink Extension For Google Ad Campaign

If you want your potential audience to know about the related products that you offer, this would be the best feature to go. It will showcase the title of your product which will help the audience to click one for them.

2. Callout Extension  

Example Of Callout Extension For Google Ad Campaign

Don’t fill this section with offer period, new launch, etc. The callout extension should specify your USPs and needs to answer how your service is better than your competitors. Why should people choose your service? 

3. Call Extensions

Example Of Call Extension For Google Ad Campaign

By adding your store number or customer care support number, the customer can immediately reach out to you and get their query solved. It is also a very convenient medium for customers to book an appointment or place online orders.

4. Location Extensions

Example Of Location Extension For Google Ad Campaign

Location extension is an incredible feature if you are trying to reach your local audience. It will have your business name, store address, and location map. This is a great way to increase foot traffic to your store. It is super easy for you to do this if you have a Google My Business profile. You simply need to link this extension to Google My Business, and you’re done.

5. Affiliate Location Extension

Example Of Affiliate Location Extension For Google Ad Campaign

If you are selling your products through a retail chain these affiliate location extensions would help your potential customers to make a choice of what and where to purchase the product. These extensions would help your probable customer to locate the nearby store.

6. Structured Snippets Extension

A structured snippet extension is a modified version of the callout extension. Here, you can list the specific features of your product, brand, or service without adding them in ad copy., thus giving you extra space. Structured snippets are great options if you wish to have short, crisp, clear, and highlighting points of your product.

7. Price Extension

Example Of Price Extension For Google Ad Campaign

Price extension would open up the options for your potential audience to select the brand which offers them a competitive price. People may click on your ad looking for more information about your brand after seeing your ad. 

8. Image Extension

Example Of Image Extension For Google Ad Campaign

High resolution visuals complementing your ad purpose will convey your ad more effectively than your ad copy. Additionally, ad copy does have text limitations which can be avoided by this. 

9. Lead Form Extension

Example Of Lead Form Extension For Google Ad Campaign

Here, you can add the forms to your google ads in order to collect the data of your potential audience. Later, using this data you can generate leads to your business, product or service. 

Alt text – Example Of App Extension For Google Ad Campaign

10. App Extension

Example Of App Extension For Google Ad Campaign

If you are looking to direct your traffic to your app/website, this is the perfect option for you. The extension will land them to the app via your extension link or the title itself.

11. Google Ad Extensions: Are They Worth It? Targeting Promotion Extension

Example Of Targeting Promotion Extension For Google Ad Campaign

Promotion extensions are a great option if you are targeting a season specific sale. For ex – Black Friday Sale, Year End Sale, etc. This text would get highlighted on your ad. Thus helping your audience to easily notice the special offers available on your site. This extension can be easily updated with flexible editing/scheduling of the extension. 

Advantages Of Using Ad Extensions

PPC ad extensions can make your ads more effective. Additionally, you don’t have to pay extra for these extensions. Let’s not forget that adding a little more specification can increase your click-through rate by up to 30%.

For ex – Ad extensions allow your PPC ads to take up more real estate on the SERPs, which can help them stand out from the competition. 

Also, Google rewards advertisers who use ad extensions by averaging all of your ad extension’s click through rates to come up with an overall “combined” CTR.  

How To Use Ad Extensions In Your PPC Ads?

AdWords will automatically show you the best performing ad extension combinations as well as their expected click through rate boosts relative to your other combinations. Taking advantage of AdWords’ built-in tech will help you improve your campaigns over time without much effort at all. But adding new keywords or new ad groups without working on your ad copy can be detrimental to the performance of your campaigns. So, be careful while making changes to your PPC marketing. You can also take help of the Digital Marketing Agency Near You for your PPC marketing set up. 

PPC ad extensions can make your ads more effective. The best way to choose the right type of ad extension for your business is to test various types and see which works best for your business. Choosing Taylored Ideas as your digital marketing agency in College Station, Texas, will be the best choice. To find more details about the digital marketing services offered, contact us at  979-567-2825 or mail us at