Imagine you are searching for a “digital marketing agency near you” and google provides you with the top 3 agencies in that area. You would pick the one which has good reviews and ratings, additionally which gives you overall information about the agency. There might be several reasons why these agencies might have ranked in the search engine, but definitely one of the reasons behind it would be a well updated Google My Business profile. 

Google My Business provides an easy way for people in your area to search for businesses locally, which helps them find you on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This means that when someone searches for a local store, service or restaurant, they’ll be able to see who owns it and what services they offer. They’ll also be able to find out more about the company’s location and opening hours if they click on their profile link. If you are a business owner and still don’t have a Google My Business profile, then it’s time that you create one. Why? Because, it will help you improve your SEO value by a lot. 

And if you are not aware of this fact, then here is the list of advantages that can be gained from having a Google My Business profile:

Broaden Your visibility: A Google My Business profile helps in better visibility on Google maps. This is because it shows all the details about your business including address, phone number and website link. So, if someone wants to find out about your company or service, then they can do so easily with the help of this feature. Apart from this, you have an option to add your social media handles on the GMB profile.

Better rankings: If you have a good online presence with proper online marketing strategies in place, then it is possible for your business to rank well in search results pages too. But when compared with other businesses having similar online presence, then it ranks better because it has all the necessary details about the business that people looking for information about them might find useful and interesting. In another way it is a type of local citation that you would be doing for your business. Moreover, when people click on these links provided by Google My Business profiles, then they get redirected directly to those respective web pages without leaving. If you are lucky and have an appealing product list on your website for your potential audience, you might end up with a possible conversion too! (But you can’t wish to make this happen in overnight period)

Brand Image: Google My Business helps make your brand more trustworthy by the ratings and reviews shared on your GMB profile. It creates a perspective about your brand in the minds of users. 

Remember – Be it negative or positive, don’t neglect your reviews. Do respond to them. 

Tracking: The link clicks and post views are trackable. You can also link with Google Analytics to view the entire data in one place.. 

Content Updates: Sharing recent content on the profile to keep your audience aware of the upcoming offers and events. One can add photos and informative posts in their GMB posts to keep the audience engaged

*Note – Posting regularly on GMB also sends out a signal to Google that the business profile is active and chances of showcasing your profile on the search results is high. The post has an expiry period of 7 days, so you can plan your posts accordingly.

Having said all this, won’t you want to set up your Google My Business Account and manage it to improve your local SEO performance? Ensure you have chosen the right digital marketing expert near you to manage your Search Engine Marketing.