The internet is constantly changing, it’s undeniable. Years ago Internet access was only available on a heavy desktop computer that had to “dial-up” the internet. Nowadays users are able to access the internet from a number of devices including tablets, laptops, watches and mobile devices. According to comScore 80% of Internet users own a smart phone and use that device to search the Internet. With the smartphone’s increasing and undeniable use it is essential for companies to have mobile-friendly websites.

Having a website that is able to be navigated and also helpful on desktops and mobile is imperative because it harbors these benefits.

Mobile-friendly websites improve the user’s experience. It’s a sad fact in today’s society, but if the user cannot navigate the website and view the content easily, they will leave the website. At some point in our lives we have all tried to open a link on our cell phones only to realize the website is nothing more than disorganized chaos. If a mobile user encounters a problem on a website they are led to leave the site and turn to other companies who offer quick and easy to use sites.

Another benefit of having a mobile-friendly website is that it gives you and your business a competitive edge. Right now, thousands and thousands of companies are in transition periods where they are transitioning from a website that isn’t mobile-friend to a site that is. If your company currently has a mobile-friendly site you are ahead of the game. Allow your company to be progressive among your competition by ensuring that you are giving your users the ability to view your website on-the-go.

In addition to having a satisfactory experience on a mobile-friendly site, users are more likely to spend a longer amount of time on your website. The duration of time spent on a website is very important. If a visitor is able to easily browse your website’s pages and content your business is more likely to convert that user to a customer. Mobile-friendly websites need to ensure that they grab the user’s attention while they are out and about on-the-go.

Lastly and possibly most important is that having a mobile-friendly websites improved a company’s search engine optimization or SEO. Over time having a mobile-friend site pays off. If a particular website is not mobile-friendly Google and other search engines recognize that and will penalize the site by not having it display as a legitimate search result when a visitor uses their phone to surf the Internet. When it comes to online, Google’s primary goal is to increase search traffic and if over half of the results they show you do not appear online properly then Google would not be doing its job.

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