When Google released it’s the sweeping algorithm change known as Panda, many webmasters were caught unaware and numerous sites quickly tumbled in search engine rankings. Aimed at the promotion of high quality content sites, Google Panda quickly became known as a content quality filter.

The newest version, purported to be yet another softer version of its big brother, is said to be targeted at small businesses with the goal of helping them to perform better in the search results. As of yet, Google has not specified a rollout date for the new update. The softer version of Panda is hardly the first of such updates.

The last ‘soft’ version of Panda was rolled out in July, 2013. Estimates indicate that the softer version helped only 18% of websites actually recover from the initial tumble following the introduction of Panda.

What can you do to prepare your small business’s website for the new Panda update? Begin by making certain that you are working with an experienced Internet marketing firm that has their finger on the pulse of SEO.

While the ultimate goal of the new update will actually be to help small businesses perform better in search rankings, consulting with an experienced web marketing firm can help to ensure that your website is poised to take full advantage of the new update when Google does release it.

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