Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2022
Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2022

Revival of Crashed Market

We all know that markets were badly crashed due to the pandemic condition. Now as things are turning to stabilize we need to level up our digital marketing game with better strategies. 

Listing Below Top 6 Trending Digital Marketing Tips For 2022

Emerging AI

AI is an emerging field that has been accepted by many Industries. AI’s role in Digital marketing has let us complete work in an efficient way. The vast utilization takes place in the marketing automation area where keyword and website traffic are being analyzed. The chatbots used in the website also make use of AI technology. They make the user experience better and help in personalized replies. Additionally, chatbots are available 24x7x365 days & can improve service for a positive response. AI technology has the power to answer the vital questions of a customer search intent – What, Why, Where & How? When personalization is done according to their demands, it attracts them more and builds a connection to your brand. Eg- Powerful companies like Amazon, Flipkart, and many other companies have adopted personalization as their tool & it has fetched a great reach amongst customers. 

Social Media Marketing

Almost everyone in this world spends their precious time on social media and they are glued to it. Social Media Marketing platforms are not only used for sharing pictures and hitting likes but helps in promoting your brand via Ads, Page content, etc. Posts, Stories, Reels, Location tags, Hashtags are some features that enable you to reach more audiences. Each platform has its unique point in delivering content to the audience. Eg- You can insert your page link and place multiple images on a story using Instagram, whereas this won’t be the same on other platforms. Your marketing strategies on social media not only boost your sales but assist in targeting potential customers, establishing contact, and tracking timely information about your performance.

Visual Search and Voice Search

The platforms like Google Lens and Pinterest allow users to click pictures and search for them online. This makes the online search & life easier for the users. The search shows up with a similar product list & from the link mentioned in the description, you can buy them online. The same is the case with voice search. Here instead of a picture, your voice plays the key role. Google Assistant is renowned for this feature, now even Alexa is added to that list. You can give your command in regional languages(of course the ones listed with google) and the page will show up in search results. Isn’t it amazing? They are constantly improvised with their skills and functionality to make the user experience better. Billions of users use these features on a daily basis to make their life easier. Just click a picture or use your voice, the product shows up on the screen and if you find it amazing then place an order. It’s so easy!

Web Analytics

Without Website Audit & Analytics, nothing is possible to be tracked. New generation digital marketing employs data driven analytics to perform better. Predictive analytics is utilized for data mining, predictive modeling, to identify patterns and future scope. Augmented analytics uses machine learning and natural language processing to prepare data and to share them. This helps in personalization for customers and makes it more convenient for customers. 

Improved Page Speed

If you are a user and the page you have clicked isn’t opening within seconds. Doesn’t that make you frustrated and want to leave that page? Yes, page speed is an important factor for any brand. To avoid this issue you can make use of images of low file size or either compress them or use newer file formats like webp format. Reduce the internal redirects before landing on the main page. This will comparatively increase your page speed. 

SERP Features

SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) shows up with innovative ideas to make the user experience better. Better ranking on search engine results directly affects your leads & sales. This provides a chance to make a difference over other competitors & engage the audience in a better way.

The ultimate goal is to understand your audience and tune your brand accordingly & gain their trust.