It’s no secret that there is an increasing search to find the perfect website design. Since the birth of the Internet, everyone has been chasing after the one design that would lure in visitors and make it easier to convert them to paying customers. A variety of trends have come and gone over the years and this year is no different. The one thing that is different is that there is now an increased emphasis on the perfect way to marry effective copy with outstanding design to produce perfect website development.

One of the trends that is gaining increasing momentum this year is what is known as the flat design. First introduced by Apple, the flat design features smart typography and basic colors. Overall, it has been warmly welcomed by most users and an increasing number of web designers are now picking up on that trend.

The trend that is shaking up the world of web development the most is a move toward a content-first design approach. Traditionally, designers would develop the designs first and then copywriters would fill in those designs with content. Today, that is no longer the case. With an increasing focus on the importance of quality content in order to gain much needed search engine rankings, there is now a strong move toward what has become a content first design approach. As simple designs and flat colors have become increasingly common, this makes the use of great content even more important. It is largely expected that the way in which content is presented on a website page will become even more important as we continue to move into 2014. Designers and developers have become well aware that since the introduction of Penguin, it is more important than ever to evaluate the content for which they are designing even more carefully.

Responsive website development and design also remains crucial. At the end of 2013, Forbes predicted that sales through Cyber Monday would outpace physical sales made on Black Friday. Clearly, online sales are on the rise and retailers now must ensure they do not fall victim to a weak online presence and risk losing valuable sales opportunities. Considering that a vast majority of people are now using their smartphones for their online shopping experiences, the importance of responsive website design becomes even more relevant. Throughout the rest of 2014, it is expected that we will see an evolving trend of responsive website designs across every platform. An increasing number of companies are now opting for website development that is compatible with mobile devices. With the right RWD, the website can easily adapt to a variety of different screen sizes, whether for a phone, tablet, or laptop. As a result, you can rest assured that wherever your customer may be or how they are accessing your site, it will be readily visible.

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