While SEO marketing is important to the success of your website, it is also important to make sure you are staying on top of the latest trends for website development. Among the current trends is a drive toward sites that are leaner and more performance based. While a corporate website may need hundreds of pages, the average small business website may benefit more by keeping it simple. Although flash introductions were once the way to go, an increasing number of websites are moving away from implementing anything that will prevent the customer from arriving at the information they really desire. As Google and other search engines become increasingly focused on ranking websites with superior user experience with higher rankings, the keep it simple strategy becomes even more relevant and important.

In light of an increasing variety of devices with varied viewports arriving on the scene, it has also become important for website development to focus design elements on multiple devices. Ultimately, if you are building a website and you are not integrating user experience that is relevant to tablets and mobile devices, you are going to miss a lot of users. As web design and development continues to transition into a one website for everything trend, the need to have an app to view content on a mobile device is becoming less relevant.