How much does grammar really matter when it comes to SEO marketing? According to recent reports, it could matter quite a bit, at least where Google is concerned. While there is no evidence to suggest that Google is attempting to act as the grammar police, website owners who attempt to use spun articles with a number of grammar mistakes may find themselves penalized. In particular, it would seem that Google might be searching for subject/verb disagreement in suspect content.

It is certainly no secret that Google is working to emphasize quality measurements. The most recent updates from Google have served to underscore a transition to quality. This does not mean you need to be an expert in the English language. It does mean that it is now more important than ever that you take the time to review your content before publishing it. If you do not feel comfortable writing your own content or you are not a native English speaker, consider working with a reputable internet marketing firm to assist you in developing your content. Not only can poor grammar and spelling create a negative impression with your readers, but it could also result in lower search engine rankings.