If it seems as though your rankings have tanked recently, the culprit could be bad incoming links. Also referred to as backlinks, incoming links comprise one of the most significant ways in which Google determines how a website is ranked. At the most basic level, Google reviews the number of links that point to a website.

A website with a large number of incoming links will receive a higher ranking than a competitive website without as many backlinks. Quantity did rank higher than quality in the past. As a result, a number of people attempted to build as many incoming links as possible in order to boost their rankings. Quality had little to do with. An incoming link was still considered an incoming link. Everything changed; however, when the Panda update arrived on the scene. Now, some sites that once concentrated on gathering large numbers of incoming links are experiencing a decline in their rankings. Removing bad links is now essential to improving your overall rankings. Working with an experienced SEO marketing company can help you to identify those bad backlinks to improve your rankings.