Social media has changed the way companies are marketing themselves. The ever-changing society we live in has now put an emphasis on the importance of social profiles and media accounts. The marketing rules that applied in 2000 or even 2013 are becoming less effective by the minute.

Today, companies make a point to put their image out on the web via social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. These social media platforms allow companies to engage more frequently with their clients and followers, create a strong company image and keep consumers informed on the latest news surrounding their company.

When it comes to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social media site, it is important to follow the fundamental principles for marketing your company on the web.

The first principle is to share genuine content. Whether you are posting a Tweet or a Facebook status it is important to provide your followers with information that pertains to your company and is of news value. One of the biggest mistakes companies can make online is not educating their clients because they are focused on “selling” a service or product. Think of social media as a friendship you are creating with each new follower make sure to entertain them with content rather than push them for a purchase.

The second principle to demonstrate when it comes to social media marketing is to use multiple channels to spread your message. These days, being on one social media platform is not enough. Social media allows companies to be ubiquitous at all hours of the day. Using the most recognized and commonly used accounts of Facebook and Twitter are now a necessity for companies. Another great channel to explore when it comes to marketing your company is through blogs. Blogs are a great way to provide your clients with more information about your services and let them know what is new with your company.

The third principle is one of the most important principles to take into account. Think visual! Social media is all about implementing visuals, text, and audio to convey information to your followers. With today’s competitive culture, text simply does not cut it. Experimenting with different visuals including photographs and video are a great way to entertain your following without bogging them down with wordy-text.

Social media is all about one thing: engagement. That is why the last principle to benefit from social media use is all about engaging with your followers. Don’t expect to get likes if you don’t give them. Engagement is all about reciprocation. Like and retweet other people and companies that you fill send a good message or that you agree with. Engagement is a great way to increase your online visibility as well as your number of followers.

As you can see social media marketing is a business endeavor that takes into account various factors, but when used properly, social media can improve and grow a company’s message.

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